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Paintings of Runswick Bay

Riders at Runswick

Oil painting of Horses on Runswick Bay Beach

Paintings of Robin Hoods Bay

Peacock Row Robin Hoods Bay

Oil Painting of Peackock Row, Robin Hoods Bay

Paintings of Staithes

Catching the Light

Oil Painting of Staithes, North Yorkshire

Paintings of Filey

Reflections of Filey

Details of the oil painting Reflections of Filey

Paintings of Filey

Afternoon Glow

Oil Painting of Filey in the Snow

Paintings of Filey

A Busy Day in Filey

a Busy Beach on a Summers Day

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Beach

The Back Side of the Brigg

The view of Scarborough from the end of the Brigg

Paintings of Filey

Digging for Worms

Digging for Worms on Filey Beach a February day.

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Beach

Tides Out

A summers day on Filey Beach when the tide is out.

cornfield conflab.jpg

Cornfield Conflab

Baling at sunset but its broken down, what to do?

Church Street Final.jpg

A beautiful street of old brick houses 

Church Street Filey

Jane Took Art Filey Painting RSPB Bempton

High Rise Living

Bempton Cliffs - its a long way down!

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Beach

Lengthening Shadows

Long late afternoon shadows over the bay

Paintings of Filey

Summertime in Filey

A firm favorite, Filey Seafront from Carr Naze

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Snow St Oswalds

A Winter Walk In Filey

Walking in the Snow to St Oswalds

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Beach snow

Heavy Snow in Filey

lots of snow covers Queen Street Gardens

Jane Took Art Filey Painting Pickering Fields Sheep

The Vale of Pickering

The never ending view over the Vale of Pickering with sheep

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